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Main Categories
  • Molecular and Cellular Microbiology (MCM)
  • Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology (EMB)
  • Food Microbiology and Biotechnology(FMB)
  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering (BB)
  • Antibiotics, Antifungals, and Antiviral compounds
  • Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods
  • Biodegradation and Bioremediation
  • Cell Culture and Biomedical Engineering
  • Cellular Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • Fermentation and Food Technology
  • Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety
  • Functional Genomics and Systems Biology
  • Host-Microbe Interactions and Pathogenesis
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Microbial Ecology and Diversity
  • Microbial Genetics, Physiology, and Metabolism
  • Microbial Genomes and Metagenomics
  • Microbiome
  • Plant Microbiology
  • Protein Engineering and Evolution
  • Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering
  • Whole Cell Biocatalysis and Bioprocess Engineering
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