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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Characteristics of strain MS9. (A) Xylanase activity on agar plate: strain MS9 was cultured on an LB plate containing 0.2% xylan azure at 40°C for 4 days. The blue color around colonies of MS9 indicates that xylan azure was hydrolyzed by xylanase produced by the strain. (B) DNA–DNA hybridization analysis: (1) strain MS9, (2) S. viridodiastaticus NBRC13106T, (3) S. atrovirens NRRL B-16357T, (4) E. coli KCCM12119 (negative control). The signal from strain MS9 was considered to be 100%. The upper and lower panels show results of repeating the same experiment.
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