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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. LMWCP increases the expression of keratin in hDPCs and the dorsal skin of mice. (A) Western blotting analysis showing the total cytokeratin levels in hDPCs treated with 0, 0.3, 1, and 3 mg/ml of LMWCP for 24 h. (B–D) Western blotting and IHC analysis showing the total cytokeratin and Type I + II hair keratin levels in the dorsal skin of the exposed LMWCP (615 and 820 mg/kg) and MNX treatment and control mice after 13 days. Representative western blotting and IHC images from four independent experiments are shown. β-actin was used as a loading control. Scale bar, 400 μm. The results are expressed as the mean ± standard deviation. **, p < 0.01; ****, p < 0.0001 compared to the control group.
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