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Fig. 3.

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Fig. 3. Effect of LMWCP on potential hair inductivity of hDPCs. (A) The mRNA expression levels of ALPL, SHH, FGF-7, and BMP-2 were analyzed by qPCR (n = 3). (B) hDPCs treated with LMWCP for 24 h were analyzed using western blotting for ALP expression. (C, D) Patch assay. At 2 weeks, nude mice were euthanized, and newly generated hair follicles on the back skin were counted using H&E staining. Scale bar, 200 μm. Bar graph shows the number of hHFs in back skin. Results are presented as the mean ± SD of data from three independent experiments. *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001; ****, p < 0.0001 compared to the control group.
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