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Table. 7.

Table. 7.

Multi-drug resistance types of each antimicrobial resistant isolate.

MDR isolate Type of MDR

L. brevis 21-2 AMPr CHLr CLIr KANr STRr TETr AMPr CLIr KANr STRr TETr
L. fermentum 18-11 CHLr KANr TETr KANr
L. fermentum 21-1 CHLr KANr TETr CHLr KANr TETr
L. plantarum 14-9 KANr CHLr CLIr GENr KANr
L. reuteri 8-5 CHLr GENr KANr AMPr CHLr GENr KANr
L. reuteri 16-1 AMPr CHLr TETr AMPr CHLr TETr
L. reuteri 17-5 AMPr CHLr KANr TETr AMPr KANr TETr
L. rhamnosus 2-7 AMPr CHLr KANr TETr AMPr CHLr KANr TETr
L. rhamnosus 4-4 CHLr ERYr KANr CHLr ERYr KANr
L. rhamnosus 8-7 CHLr ERYr KANr CHLr ERYr KANr

A, agar dilution method; B, broth microdilution method; Boldface indicates antimicrobial showing resistance only one of two methods.

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