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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Bioinformatic analysis for the presence of putative virulence factor- and toxin-related genes in the genomes of strain Q180, Lp. plantarum DSM 20174T, E. faecium ATCC 19434T, and S. aureus ATCC 6538.

Class Gene Lp. plantarum E. faecium S. aureus

Q180 DSM 20174T ATCC 19434T ATCC 6538
Enterotoxin selk, selq, set +
Leucotoxin lukD +
Cytolysin cylA
Cytotoxin K cytK
Hemolysin hbl +
Gelatinase gelE +
Amino acid decarboxylase hdc1, hdc2
tdc +
Hyaluronidase hyl + +
Aggregation substance asa1
Enterococcal surface protein esp
Endocarditis antigen efaA
Adhesion of collagen ace
Cereulide cesA
Sex pheromones ccf, cob, cpd
Serine protease sprE +
Transposon-related genes int, intTN
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