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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. A-D: Effects of AE-mediated PDT on viability and pro-inflammation factors production in bacterialinfected RAW264.7 cells. A: RAW264.7 cells infected with E. faecalis (ATCC 29212), VRE (ATCC 51299), S. aureus (ATCC 29213), MRSA, S. pneumoniae (ATCC 49619), and MDR S. pneumoniae (ATCC 49619), were plated in 96-wells plates and treated with either light (72 J/cm2) (P+L-), AE (32 μg/ml) alone (P+L-) or both (P+L+) or no treatment (P-L-) for 24 h. A CCK- 8 assay determined the proliferation, and expression was done relative to control (DMSO). B: Bacteria-infected RAW264.7 cells were seeded in 24-wells culture plates overnight and treated with P-L-, P-L+, P+L- or P+L+. NO levels in the culture media were determined using Griess reagent. C and D: Bacteria-infected RAW264.7 cells plated in 24-well culture plates overnight were pretreated with P-L+, P+L-, or P+L+ and cultured for 24 h. The IL-1β and IL-6 concentration was determined by ELISA. The experiments were conducted thrice in triplicates, and data were analyzed through two-way ANOVA. ***p<0.001 compared to no treatment (P-L-).
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