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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Effect of acacetin on UVB-induced MMP-1 gene transcription in HaCaT cells and human dermal fibroblasts. (A and B) MMP-1 mRNA levels of SSO were examined by real-time quantitative PCR. Cells were pretreated with SSO at indicated concentrations for 1 h and then further treated with 0.01 J/cm2 UVB for HaCaT cells (A) and 0.02 J/cm2 UVB for HDF (B) at 37°C for 48 h. Data (n = 3) represent the mean ± SD. The experiment was performed in triplicate and bars marked with different letters (a–c) are significantly different (p < 0.05, ##p < 0.01), relative to the control cells.
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