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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Different functions predicted by PICRUSt at KEGG pathways.

Beef Pork Chicken Milk p value
L3| Peptidases 461101±51469.4ab 453822.3±33693.64ab 484600.3±18847.4b 391984.7±4352.68a 0.039*
L3| Chaperones and folding catalysts 262772.7±15063.27ab 259010.3±10923.31a 285973.3±3992.06b 244529±6525.95a 0.007**
L3| Arginine and proline metabolism 272837.7±26601.33b 270659.7±17704.21b 285712±11222.56b 219739.7±4236.54a 0.007**
L3| Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism 244570.3±25415.35 242762±18413.89 263338±9437.47 217717±2751.7 0.055
L3| Cysteine and methionine metabolism 244486.3±23890.95ab 243808±15940.03ab 252722.3±10569.91b 207594.3±2061.64a 0.028*
L3| Butanoate metabolism 225829.3±9878.33bc 221631.3±4595.12b 242377.7±6520.83c 200230.7±6175.87a 0.001**
L3| Nitrogen metabolism 218032.3±11219.03a 213517.3±9522.98a 242670±2644.82b 200851.3±8253.45a 0.002**
L3| Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism 215015.7±10023.59b 212849.3±6634.7b 229298.7±3091.94b 193748±5162.47a 0.001**
L3| Protein folding and associated processing 188203.3±5588.51a 183694±3826.64a 206154.7±700.1b 180022.3±7254.39a 0.001**
L3| Propanoate metabolism 184378±3567.89b 182305±2015.04b 192303.7±8309.38b 162146±4556.93a 0.001**
L3| Phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan biosynthesis 179122.3±15575.07b 180056±10350.22b 194999±6852.53b 146393±4210.07a 0.002**
L3| Histidine metabolism 151072±16471.77ab 154068.7±12033.96b 157433.3±7721.44b 123570±1463.39a 0.019*
L3| Tyrosine metabolism 128079.3±5981.87ab 125931.7±3990.25ab 134586±3046.69b 121367.3±2722.41a 0.026*
L3| Valine, leucine and isoleucine degradation 110183.7±4639.57b 111560.3±3620.94b 111071.7±10229.86b 81362±3761.38a 0.001**
L3| Tryptophan metabolism 93888.33±3893.41b 94453.33±2276.63b 98280±5671.62b 73021±4146.61a <0.001***
L3| beta-Alanine metabolism 80542±1326.78bc 80141±324.26b 88693.67±4197.45c 61366.67±4519.91a <0.001***
L3| Sulfur metabolism 76189.67±2720.15a 74965.67±1768.28a 82703.67±1594.33b 72572.67±1717.7a 0.001**
L3| Lysine degradation 77949.33±3740.93b 77703.67±2591.12b 82726.67±4807.04b 60045±4578.56a 0.001**
L3| Amino acid metabolism 72142.33±4315.53b 70665±2086.61b 67531.33±2220.84b 52615.33±1517.55a <0.001***
L3| Phenylalanine metabolism 61022±3664.5bc 60762±2753.06b 68652.33±2732.2c 46289.67±2707.62a <0.001***
L3| Phosphotransferase system (PTS) 235535.7±24472.21a 209999±13454.91a 239291±4465.16a 314594.7±6724.96b <0.001***
L3| Galactose metabolism 149028.3±16895.43a 141665.7±10891.29a 155938.3±3368.9ab 175904±2499.54b 0.018*
L3| Glycosyltransferases 110692±2312.67a 107608.7±2816.76a 125681±1868.89b 129972.3±3789.04b <0.001***
L3| Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism 40845.67±2199.07a 39028±772.49a 42658±1519.79a 46752.33±652.78b 0.001**
L3| D-Alanine metabolism 33050±2584.57ab 31977.33±1699.8a 35002.33±1006.08ab 36857.33±317.42b 0.027*
L3| Transcription related proteins 6060.67±239.35ab 5468.67±235.37a 6408±275.66b 6591±331.33b 0.005**
L3| Carbohydrate digestion and absorption 5644.67±418.11a 5503.67±285.58a 5757.67±522.05a 7188.33±358.92b 0.003**

The data were written as the mean values ± standard deviation (SD).

The p values were calculated using Anova test (*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001).

a,b,cRepresent different superscripts differed significantly (p < 0.05).

The major categories were arranged in order of abundance at each dietary animal protein medium.

The numeric values represented the number of reads.

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