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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Adaptive laboratory evolutions of industrial microorganisms categorized by product and feedstock.

Product Species Condition Span Reference
Organic acid and amino acid

Chirally pure lactates E. coli SZ194, ∆ldhA::ldhL-FRT Glucose minimal medium containing betaine up to 120days [20]
Carboxylic acid E. coli MG1655, ∆fadDpoxBackA-pta: cmR MOPS minimal medium with octanoic acid 714 h [21]
D-lactic acid E. coli W strain ∆pflBptaadhE,frdABCDaldA,CscR LB or NBS medium About 56 days [22]
L-lactic acid E. coli SZ470, ∆adhEldhA::ldhL LB-xylose medium 3 months [23]
D-lactate E. coli KO11 (ATCC 55124) 10% Glucose LB medium About 12 days [24]
L-lactic acid E. coli W3110, ∆focA-pflB::FRTfrdBCadhE::FRT ackA::FRTldhA::(ldhL-frt) GlcM9 medium 12 days [8]
Succinic acid E. coli K12 ∆ptsGmanX E. coli K12 ∆ptsI LB medium 48h [25]
Succinic acid S. cerevisiae CEN.PK113-5D, ∆sdh3ser3ser33 gradually reducing glycine nd* [26]
Muconic acid S. cerevisiae BY4741, ∆aro3aro4::PGPD-aro4k229l Ty2δ::PGPD-ECL_01944optzwf1[115] Geneticin and 4FP (anti-metabolite) containing medium 1325 h [27]
L-ornithin C. glutamicum ATCC 13032, ΔargFΔproBΔspeE gradually reducing ornithine 70 days [28]


Ethanol S. cerevisiae CEN.PK113-7D Sucrose-limited chemostat 90 generations [30]
Ethanol S. cerevisiae BY4741 expressing xylose isomerase from B. cenocepacia YNB medium containing xylose 40 passages [31]
1-Butanol E. coli JCL166, ΔadhEΔldhAΔfrdBC Conversion from LB medium to M9 medium nd* [32]
Isobutanol E. coli JCL16 NTG-created mutant GlcM9 medium with norvaline (valine analog) nd* [33]


Lipid C. reinhardtii cc4324 derivatives Gradually reducing NH4Cl (nitrogen) 84 days [34]
Lipid R. opacus PD630 Gradually increasing phenol concentration 40 passages [35]


Carotenoids D. salina(UTEX LB #200) Blue light stress 16 cycles (each cycle was conducted for 5 days) [36]
Lycopene E. coli MG1655 with plasmid (lycopene synthase gene, mutator module and sensor) went through the FREP 432 h [37]
β-carotene S. cerevisiae GSY1136 strain [115] Hydrogen peroxide stress about 40 days [38]

Antibacterial & antifungal agent

Antibacterial compounds against MRSA S. clavuligerus 27064 Co-culture with methicillin resistant S. aureus(MRSA) N315 About 90 days [39]
Multiple antifungal agents S. variabilis AFP2 Co-culture with C. neoformans 14116 30 days [40]


Dihydroxyacetone E. coli strain C, ΔldhA::FRT, ΔadhE::FRT, ΔackA::FRT NBS or AM1 medium with Glucose, gradually reducing NaOAc >2,000 generations [41]
Improved methyltransferases (Mtases)activity E. coli JW3582, ΔcysE [117] M9 medium supplemented with methionine and substrates of Mtases nd* [42]
Recombinant protein C. glutamicum ATCC 13032 7-times sorting by measuring fluorescence in 2 weeks [43]

Utilization of alternative carbon source

Lactose S. cerevisiae NCYC869-A3/T1[118] Semisynthetic lactose (SSlactose) medium, >120 generations [44]
Xylose S. cerevisiae RWB 217 derived from CEN.PK102-3A [119] Synthetic medium with Glucose and xylose 1,000h [45]

Utilization of alternative carbon source

Xylose S. cerevisiae BY4741, Δgre3, URA::GPDp-xylA*3-CYC1t-TEFpXKS1-CYC1t, Leu:: GPDp-xylA*3-RPM1t-TEFp- tal1-CYC1t YDL236w:: His Xylose medium 24 days [46]
Xylose and mEthanol C. glutamicum ATCC 13032, derivatives CGXII medium with xylose and mEthanol 206 days [47]
Glucose G. oxydans 621H recombinant (mgdh::Gm) Glucose medium 50 days [9]
Glucose G. oxydans strain evolved to use Glucose [9] Glucose medium 25 days [48]
Lactate or glycerol E. coli MG1655 M9 minimal Medium with lactate or glycerol >600 generations [49, 50]
1,2-propanediol E. coli MG1655, GC strain [120] M9 minimal medium with L-1,2- propanediol 700 generations [51]

*nd-no data

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