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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Qualitative detection of plant growth-promoting traits in the isolated strain. (A) ACC deaminase activity of Lle-9 (A). Lower well was used as negative control. Organic acid production in the strain Lle-9 (B). Extreme lower well with pink color was used as negative control. IAA detection in the strain showing change of coloration from yellow to pink (C). The tubes numbered with 1, 2, 3, and 4 show IAA detection at 0 mg ml-1, 2 mg ml-1, 4 mg ml-1, and 6 mg ml-1, respectively. Siderophore detection was confirmed by a change of color from blue to orange (D). (B) Siderophore detection on CAS blue agar plates. Siderophores were detected as a yellow/orange hallow surrounding the bacterial colonies (A). Closer look of the orange hallow surrounding the colony of Lle-9 (B). (C) Nitrogen-fixation by the endophytic strain Lle-9 of B. velezensis. The isolated strain was inoculated on nitrogen-deficient malate medium (NFM) and was assessed for growth in reference to non-nitrogenfixing E. coli DH5α. NFM medium (A); NFM supplemented with 5 mM NH4Cl (B). (D) Phosphate solubilization assay of B. velezensis le-09. Growth of Lle-9 on NBRIP medium (A). Closer look of the clearing area surrounding bacterial colonies (B).
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