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2000 ; 10(1): 21~26

AuthorSung-Ho Yoon, Jong-Gil Choi, Sang-Yup Lee
AffiliationDepartment of Chemical Engineering and BioProcess Engineering Research Center Korea Advanced Institute of Science andTechnology Taejon 305-701 Korea
TitleDevelopment of DNA Chip Microarrayer
PublicationInfo J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.2000 10(1): 21~26
AbstractA microarrayer system was developed mainly for manufacturing DNA chips. The 3-axis robot was designed to automatically collect samples from 96-or 384-well microtiter plates using up to 16 simultaneously moving pens and to deposit them on a surface-modified slide glass. This is followed by a wash/dry operation in a clean station. The cycle is repeated with a new set of samples, This system can deposit cDNA or oligonucleotides with spot intervals of $150{\;}\mu\textrm{m}$ and the spot size of $80\mu\textrm{m}$, thus allowing a high density DNA chip containing about 5,000 spots per $\textrm{cm}^2$. The entire procedure is controlled by the Visual C++ program that was written in our laboratory by using a personal computer with Pentium 100 CPU.
KeywordsDNAchip, microarrayer, highdensitymicroarray

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